Volunteers are welcome. If you are interested in helping us, please contact us with your ideas. We can always use hosts, ushers, and logistical support.


Help us make magic! Alkemie is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit that flourishes through the enthusiasm of its supporters. All donations are tax-deductible, and we'd love to show our appreciation with the following gifts:

Soprano recorder $125+

Enjoy a signed Alkemie Live CD

Rebec $250+

Flaunt a signed Alkemie Live CD & Alkemie tote bag

Viele $500+ 

Share two VIP tickets to a concert of your choosing in addition to a signed CD and tote bag

Harp $1000+

Delight in a short personalized composition performed/recorded by Alkemie members

Organetto $2500+

Let us entertain you with your own house concert performed by Alkemie members



CREDIT CARD contributions may be made via the Donate button below.

CHECK contributions may be sent to:

Alkemie Early Music Ensemble, Inc.

2101 Bedford Ave., Apt. 6C

Brooklyn, NY 11226

SECURITIES. We are also able to accept donations of securities to Alkemie. To donate long-term appreciated securities (i.e., securities that you have owned for more than one year), please contact Sian Ricketts for instructions (sian@alkemie.org; 929-445-8613).


We are so grateful to our myriad supporters, and especially honored by the generosity of the following:

Avaloch Farm Music Institute

Andrew Albin

Eleanor Alper

Elizabeth Blaufox

Rona Banai & Ezra Kannof

Ruth Chodrow

June Collmer

Jenn Dungan

Ellen Farrell

Fiona Gillespie

Amanda Gookin

Sarah Hawkey

Madeline Healey

Jim Hopkins

Tiffany Hopkins

Dana Isaacoff & Raphael Seligmann

Beth Johanning

Ali Killian

Genevieve King

Georgia Lee

Dan McCarthy

Linda McCormick

Mary and Ron Matus

George Padaroff

Teddy Papes

Timothy Parsons
Michael & Ann Stover

Spiff Weigand

Brian Wright

Jonathan Woody

Thank you so much for your financial support (2018-2020):

Maria Alvarado

Jacob Aronauer

Brian Bartoldus

Jesse Blumberg

William Bissell

Donna Breitzer

Collin Brown

Glenn Buck

John Carey

Ruth Chodrow

John Austin Clark

Elliot Cole

Alice Culin-Ellison

Andrew Cyr

Heath Dill

Adam Dillon

Ross Duffin & Bev Simmons

William Forsyth

Ronald P. Gaykema & Lisa P. Goehler

Fiona Gillespie

Lisa Goehler

Mollie Habermeier

Jim Hopkins

Kathleen G. Harris

Genevieve King

Richard Kolb

Mary Maarbjerg

Aaron Manela

Linda McCormick

Jenny McVeigh

Rebecca Meyers

Kyle Miller

Robert Morris

Don and Sharon Mullins

Johanna Novom

Cheryl Nystrom

Katherine Cecilia Peck

Martie Perry

Deborah and Neil Plotkin

Adriane Post

Ronald Ricketts

Sian Ricketts

Lucía Romera

Kelsey Schilling

Graham Schultz

Jason Scully

Jean Seligmann

Raphael Seligmann

Nell Snaidas

Cathy Stein

Nina Stern

Elisa Sutherland

Louis Tanner

Trisha Westfall

Dan Yavner