Volunteers are welcome. If you are interested in helping us, please contact us with your ideas. 


Help us make magic! Alkemie is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit that flourishes through the enthusiasm of its supporters. All donations are tax-deductible, and we'd love to show our appreciation with the following gifts:

Year-end donors $25+

Receive an exclusive download

Soprano recorder $125+

Enjoy a signed Alkemie Live CD - Cyprus 1400 is coming out in February!

Rebec $250+

Flaunt a signed Alkemie Live CD & Alkemie tote bag

Viele $500+ 

Share two VIP tickets to a concert of your choosing (virtual or in the future) in addition to a signed CD and tote bag

Harp $1000+

Delight in a short personalized composition performed/recorded by Alkemie members

Organetto $2500+

Let us entertain you with an exclusive  live broadcast performed by Alkemie members

CREDIT CARD contributions may be made via the Donate button below.

CHECK contributions may be sent to:

Alkemie Early Music Ensemble, Inc.

2101 Bedford Ave., Apt. 6C

Brooklyn, NY 11226

SECURITIES. We are also able to accept donations of securities to Alkemie. To donate long-term appreciated securities (i.e., securities that you have owned for more than one year), please contact Sian Ricketts for instructions (sian@alkemie.org; 929-445-8613).


We are grateful to our myriad 2020-2021 supporters

Maria Alvarado

Ben Abold-LaBreche

Andrew Albin

Jacob Aronauer

Allison Balberg

Jesse Blumberg & Johanna Novom

Larry Bowers

Glenn Buck

John Carey

Katherine Cecilia

Ruth Chodrow

Elliot Cole

Edwina Cruise

Mark Cudek

Andrew Cyr

Peter Dayton

Ross Duffin & Bev Simmons

Peter & Joan Faber

Ellen Farrell

Yulia Frumer

Kate Gavriel

Kathryn Geissinger

Kristen Gelinas

Elizabeth George

Pam Gibbon

Susan Gidwitz

Thomas Gillespie

Amanda Gookin

Mollie Habermeier

Patricia Hanley

Josette Henschel

Margarita Hernandez

Suzanne Hertzberg

Jim Hopkins

Constance Huff

Alex Humez

Danny Johnson

Brett Karlin

Terry Kirts

Paul Krieger

Joseph Latona

Emily Lau

John Lenard

Robin Ludwig

Naomi Lewin

Mary Maarbjerg

Maynard & Marianne Makman

Benjamin Matus

Cyril Mazansky

Susan McClary

Kathleen McCleskey

Linda McCormick

Sally Merriman

Kyle Miller

Daphna Mor

Robert Morris

Don and Sharon Mullins

Monika Otter

Richard & Lois Pace

Dana Patek

Kathryn Perry

Patricia Peterson & Doug Young

Jesse Pierce

Deborah & Neal Plotkin

Diana Prechter

Kathleen & Phil Ricketts

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