This season Alkemie launches “Alkemie & Friends” – a series of informal, musically experimental, and multi-sensory concerts in non-traditional NYC concert settings. “Alkemie & Friends” is a forum for the ensemble to create programs that take advantage of the sonic possibilities that emerge when we collaborate with other experts in adjacent musical fields. Venues are selected in part for their ability to introduce elements that transform the sensory space in divergent ways.

SMELL-O-VISION - but in the privacy of your own home with custom-made cards that match the images on-screen.

Violets, grapes, roses, and medicinal herbs and Tolkien's "Simbelmynë" (or Evermind) all make an appearance in this concert of 16th-century music from England and France. Alkemie members are joined by Corey Shotwell (tenor, melodica), Harrison Hintzsche (baritone, melodica, percussion), Ben Matus (tenor, winds, composer), and Jim Hopkins (baritone, harmonium).


Florilegium: Plant Strains across the English Channel

Premiere: January 23, 2021, 8:00pm. 

On-Demand: Through February 7, 2021

*Order by 1/17 to timely ensure delivery; available through 2/7

How Do I Keep From Singing: Medieval + Modern Female Voices

Summer 2021, TBC

Amanda Gookin of Forward Music Project joins Alkemie members Tracy Cowart and Sian Ricketts in a musical exploration of the tale of the siren, featuring music ranging from the medieval period to today.

Blood, Booze & Betrayal: Music for an Extremely Broken Consort

August 29, 2020 at 8 p.m.

Immersive 360-degree Virtual Reality Livestream from New York, NY

Murder ballads, riddle tunes, and other lurid  and gruesome pastimes.

Featuring Fiona Gillespie, Paul Morton of Chivalrous Crickets, Loren Ludwig of Acronym, composer Elliot Cole, and Sian Ricketts & Tracy Cowart of Alkemie.


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"Blood, Booze & Betrayal," the inaugural concert on this series, was a recipient of the Early Music America Mini-Grant.