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Niccolo Seligmann (Co-Founder & Core member. Vielles, scheitholt, gittern, psaltery, percussion.)

Niccolo Seligmann performs, composes, and improvises music that proves the past is still with us. They play over fifty acoustic instruments that span continents, centuries, and social classes, including custom Max for Live instruments. As part of their 2020 Strathmore Artist-in-Residence program, Niccolo released their debut album, Kinship, using solo viola da gamba improvisation as a tool of multispecies resistance against the Anthropocene's entangled systems of domination. You can hear them perform on viola da gamba, vielle, and more on the soundtracks of award-winning PC game Civilization VI, Netflix series The Witcher, and many others. Niccolo is a founding member of Alkemie, and performs frequently with The Broken Consort, Hesperus, Washington Bach Consort, Wherligig, and many others. Niccolo's second original opera, Julie, Monster: A Queer Baroque Opera, premiered in December 2021. They have performed across North America and Europe, fondly recalling concerts at the Kennedy Center, in a bustling plaza in Nogales, Mexico, and inside a 2,000-year-old Northern California redwood tree. They hold a degree in viola da gamba performance from the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University.

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