Current Season

Cyprus 1400: An Island at the Crossroads of Cultures

October 24-28, 2019

Cambridge Early Music Society

Alkemie voyages to this island crossroads of French, Greek, Armenian, Italian, and Ottoman influences. Their program explores the complex ars subtilior melodies of the Torino manuscript J.ii.9, rousing folk tunes from the area, and sinuous polyphony from France. 

Beautee & Bountee: An Arthurian Refraction

November 23-24, 2019

Five Boroughs Music Festival, NYC

In this new project – a co-commission between 5BMF and Alkemie – composer Elliot Cole combines old words and new music through settings of episodes from 14th-century Middle English texts that weave together spoken word, monophonic and poly-textual song, and instrumental commentary. Materials and methods inspired by the Worcester Fragments – one of the very few extant musical records of medieval England – punctuate the program. Flashes of transmuted melodies act as points of light that are variously refracted and recombined by Alkemie’s collection of period and modern instruments, including medieval fiddles and reeds, recorders, harps, harmonium, and electric bass.

Sweet Friendship: Courtly Songs & Dances from 15th century France and Italy

January 24-25, 2020

Fordham University, NYC

Alkemie celebrates six years of friendship with our most diverse program yet: dancing with choreographies old and new, rarely heard songs from the Loire Valley Chansonniers, and new tunes by band member Niccolo Seligmann.

Diana's Hunt: Songs from the Bestiary

May 10, 2020

Amherst Glebe Arts Response, VA

Alkemie joins forces with composer/performer Elliot Cole in performances of new arrangements of stunning music from 14th-century Italy and newly-composed repertoire inspired by the medieval bestiary. Vieles, harp, recorders, percussion and voices evoke soaring birds, slithering reptiles, wondrous creatures, and the goddesses Diana and Venus.